The pulpería

At the Pulpería de Victoria we offer a modern urban Galician tavern. Multiple decorative details hark back to those restaurants in Galicia which are a living reminder of the gastronomic history of our country.
Tables made of fossilized wood, the industrial design of the interior and access to the roof spaces are a pleasant surprise for those who enter this restaurant, located in the heart of Madrid. The customer will sense this connection with Galician culture in our kitchen, in the quality of the products and the welcoming, friendly service that they will receive from our staff.
Octopus “'á feira' al estilo O' Carballiño”, premium meats, estuary harvested mussels and cockles, pasties cooked in a wood-fired oven, good Galician wine and regional desserts are just some of the dishes that give us a distinct identity, but without losing sight of the hallmarks of our haute cuisine kitchen.